Can Addiction be Once False Script Away?

The next time you are getting ready to get your prescription filled take a close look at the piece of paper it is written upon. Although many of today’s medical professionals now send their prescriptions directly to the pharmacist, there are many who still use script pads to write them. And there are numerous false medical identifications that are sold. Some do this as a form of entertainment or an April Fool’s Day joke. But others do it with a more sinister or dishonest purpose in mind.

While a person might use a doctor’s pad to write a phony note that can be used to justify taking a “sick day” off from work, a child might use the same item as a way to avoid school class on a day when he or she wants to do something else. And this can be the start of a pattern of dishonesty and misbehavior that is difficult to break. It is easy to see how a youth can go from using a phony doctor’s note to cut class to using that same note to obtain illegal opioid drugs that could result in addiction, crime and even death. And the person who looks the other way at a one-time missing of a class may soon find themselves trying to understand how a once-innocent child has become a drug addict.

Not every child who skips class is headed to certain doom. Shopping is an irresistible pastime youngsters enjoy, whether shopping at the mall, or online using Groupons to get deals on soft goods and undergarments from Aerie or outerwear from the hundreds of retailers who’ve teamed up with Groupon to offer deals on thousands of items. The problem is when teens get so caught up in their problems they use the mall as an excuse to avoid school, and take off instead with others looking to escape bad situations and self-medicate with drugs.  You don’t want to find out too late that your child was just one false script away from using pills, skipping school and turning to others who feel as lost as they do. Make certain that she knows there is love and support for her, and don’t think the worst until you have all the facts.