How to deal with fake doctors notes

It is incumbent on the pharmacist and the staff of clerks and clerks under his supervision to observe all possible details, in particular regarding the identification of the prescribing physician, the patient and the prescribed medication, in order to detect possible fraud in the recipes and even to pick fake doctors notes. Many consumers are unaware of the risk of buying medicines without a prescription or even through fakedoctors notes. Many resort to the famous fake doctors notes to circumvent the laws and thus get what they need, often resort to forgery.

What few people know – or ignore – is that there are serious health risks to this attitude. Customers do not counterfeit only for the purchase of anabolic steroids, for example, a very common practice of physical activity supporters; any kind of medicine that requires the prescription to be presented is subject to being illegally purchased. This is very different and way more serious than the doctor’s note for school.

How to not have issues with fake doctors notes

And how can we prevent the population from being harmed by this practice, besides alerting it to the risks to which it is subject? According to specialists, firstly, the establishment must have, in full time of operation, a professional pharmacist who, according to the pharmaceutical legislation, will know how to identify a counterfeit prescription or fake doctors notes. See more.

How to identify counterfeit recipes

Some have even been hired by health services. There are also those who work in private “doctor’s offices” or in the sale of medical certificates (usually to justify work exemptions) and in the sale of medical prescriptions (usually prescription drugs). It is always important to be honest and not to deal with counterfeit notes; after all it could lead to severe law implications.

Following the printing of these “doctors’ notes,” counterfeiters seek information from a physician, such as their full name, medical specialty, and registration number with the jurisdiction’s registration. As a result of this information, they can easily make fake stamps, as well as falsify signatures, according to the date that they deem appropriate in their crime. Faced with this bold and meticulous action of counterfeiters, it is really very difficult to detect a well-crafted fraudulent prescription.

It is important to avoid this kind of issue

There is no statistical data on the occurrence of counterfeit recipes or doctors notes. However, in large centers in well-known capitals for example, different falsified prescriptions can be easily obtained, for really low values in average. It is worth mentioning that often the pharmacist is able to perceive falsification and, in these cases, has the responsibility to take the appropriate measures, in compliance with his code of professional ethics. Those who take fake doctors note for work can also end up having to deal with the law, after all it is a crime for both the parties who used the service. It might seem quite innocent and harmless, however it can cause several issues for everyone involved in the matter. Check out this site: