Legal and Ethical Dilemma for Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

Legal and Ethical Dilemma for Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

A fake doctor’s excuse is something that thousands of people attempt to use each and every day. From hangovers to lazy days, there are dozens of reasons why someone doesn’t want to go into work and, for most, they use doctor’s notes to get out of trouble. However, if you use a fake note, you might land in more trouble than you could ever imagine. There is a legal and ethical dilemma when it comes to using counterfeit doctor’s notes. click here to find more related details.

You Could Be Arrested For Fraud

Do you know if you create a false doctor’s note and sign a doctor’s name its fraud. You might not believe it but that’s the truth. You are putting a signature onto what is believed to be a document from a doctor and, in a sense, it’s a legal document. If your employer or indeed the legal authorities find out about this, you could be arrested for fraud. It’s a serious matter and that is one major reason why you shouldn’t fake a doctor’s note. Doctor’s notes are looked at very closely today and all it takes is one simple phone call to your doctor to find out the truth. Being charged with fraud can lead to a jail sentence.

At Work, You Can Be Fired with a Fake Doctor’s Excuse

You might not think using a doctor’s note for work that has been faked is wrong but it can do a lot of damage. On a legal scale you could be fired from your work. It doesn’t matter if you have a poor attendance rate or a great one, if an employer finds you’ve faked a doctor’s note, they can fire you. What’s more, you don’t have a leg to stand on because fraud is an instant dismissal from work and the police can become involved. Do you really want to risk your job for the sake of skipping an afternoon? Yes, it would be nice to have a long lie-in but it’s not worth your livelihood. to read more, click on  :

Legal and Ethical Dilemma for Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

Is It The Right Thing To Do?

In all honesty, you have an ethical dilemma, if not a legal one. In a sense, you wouldn’t think a counterfeit doctor’s note would cause too much trouble, especially if you’ve genuinely been ill. However, having said that, it does present some problems and, in a way, it’s not the right thing to do. Yes, you might have had a genuine excuse from being off sick from work but that doesn’t excuse you from defrauding the employers. Doctor’s notes are useful for a lot of people and if there are thousands submitting false reports, genuine people can be disbelieved. It’s an ethical matter and one you cannot ignore either.

Be Wary Before You Write a Fake Note

Who thinks writing a fake note from a doctor would cause so much harm? A lot of people don’t think of the big picture and think it’s the simplest way to avoid getting into trouble from being off an afternoon. Unfortunately, fake notes are becoming increasingly popular and they are causing employers to think twice before accepting genuine notes. When it comes to doctor’s note for work you need to think twice before submitting a fake one.